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Osacky Family Winter 1997

Here are some recent photo's from S&T's Bday party 10/97 and Christmas Day 1997. Latest news has Ann breaking an ankle just before Thankgiving and hobbling through the holidays ! Susan is working at a DOTs clothing store and Steve is in full gear playing Cardinal Ice Hockey. Terese is between jobs resting up and having fun.... So far it looks like Terese will attend Eastern Illinois University and Susan Northern Illinois University next fall, but things could change, stay tuned !

Happy 17th BirthDay Susan and Terese..... Is that Ann pouring the girls a birthday drink in picture # 4 ?

Chrismas Day 1997.... Visitors were Katherine and Tom, Anne and John and Bill and Therese Tom Received a cool Alien shirt ! Ann and John's annual grab bag was its usual fun with Steve winning a cute Doll !

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